Smooth and distinctive,
just like Miles Davis.

  • The Color

    A deep amber radiance.

  • The Blend

    A melding of grain and mature malt whiskies from Islay, Highlands and Speyside.

  • The Taste

    An exceptional blend of rich fruity flavors balanced with an undertone of sweet spiciness and a bit of soft Madagascan vanilla, finished by a puff of smoke.

  • The Nose

    An influence of green apples, toffee and fruit flavors at the start. Think of raisins and candied pecans, followed by a buttery caramel sweetness with gentle hints of vanilla.

  • The Finish

    A smooth complex rich fruit flavor where the grassy barley hangs around, producing just the right sweetness.


The Result

An experience of Scotch Whisky that was created for the unforgettable moments where only Style will do, and barriers are broken.

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